“Bottega D’Arte Ceramica Gatti”

Founded in 1928 by Riccardo Gatti, Bottega d’Arte Ceramica (Ceramic Art Studio) has, from the very beginning, always been characterised by constant research into innovative techniques and a rich production of unique works. Ceramist and sculptor, since 1908 Gatti distinguished himself in Faenza’s art scene achieving important national and international recognition, inventing complex techniques with exceptional results such as the metallic reflections – which he had already begun to develop as early as the 1920s – a unique technique characterised by an iridescence of tones and colours still used in current production.

Today, as then, Ceramica Gatti 1928 is characterised by the fact that the entire production cycle is handmade: each object is a unique and exclusive piece, created according to a centenary technique widely recognized throughout the world. Alongside the traditional decorations from Faenza, new creations and aesthetic developments are emerging in step with the times and the demands of contemporary interior design ranging from designer to artistic craftsmanship.


During the Renaissance La Bottega Artigiana (the Artisan’s workshop) was an eclectic space, a place for the cultural transmission of values, of intersections between different disciplines, of observation, of passion for one’s craft and a meeting point between different competences and professions.

This approach, fundamental in its contribution to the writing of the history of Italian Art, was able to interpret the times and foresee the demands of the market.

Since 1928 this same approach has been the guiding force behind the Bottega d’Arte Ceramica Gatti, a versatile company with a strong vocation for design and contemporary art.

The ability to respond to different project needs and to create tailor-made items make the company a reference for architects, draftsmen and designers. As a result, for the last several years Ceramica Gatti has also had a strong presence at the International Furniture Fair in Milan as well as at other renowned international exhibitions.