Ceramica Gatti 1928 creates, also at the request of its customers, works that are used by architects and designers from the world over to decorate and embellish the interiors of homes as well as public areas.

These creations include interior items such as lamps, furniture handles and decorative finishes for furniture and fireplaces, and decorative panels.
The architect of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Hotel  in Las Vegas chose Gatti ceramics in setting up the hall.

The special creations are greatly appreciated by architects and scenographers in preparing the location for various types of events. Ceramica Gatti has in fact created different objects that are used for special events or furnishings in Royal Houses of Europe.

Collections of items and decorations are designed ad hoc in the specified style, inspired by models held in museum collections within the company. A personalized table set and setup was recently created for use in the most prized yacht in the world. The set was designed in a marine theme and, at the specific request of the builder, bears the name of the vessel.