Faenza’s majolica tradition lives on in the city’s oldest workshop. Still operating in its original production facility, Ceramica Gatti scrupulously completes every ceramic processing stage as it was done centuries ago, thus faithfully preserving the production of classical themes alongside contemporary works, whose metallic-reflection enamels have been a symbol of the Gatti style since 1928. The company comprises a variety of processing departments (shaping, molding, firing, enameling, decoration, showroom and museum), which produce both traditional Faenza and artistic ceramics, by relying on an extraordinary background of artistic knowledge that dates back to the early twentieth century, when Bottega Gatti was frequented by artists of international renown, such as those linked to the Futurist movement (Martinetti, Balla, Dal Monte, Benedetta and Fabbri), with whom the factory collaborated until 1930. It was at this time that, having developed his own technique for metallic-reflection decorations, Riccardo Gatti received numerous awards that led him to play an important role in renewing the style of modern ceramics. Bottega Gatti has been partnering with very famous artists, and, thanks to its one-of-a-kind  permanent museum in Faenza, also offering the opportunity to trace the evolution of its ceramic workshop since the early twentieth century.

Bottega Gatti has been embarked on an upward-moving journey and is now beginning a new path to travel.